Monday, April 4, 2011

Aljawal SADA caller tune

SADA enables your callers to listen to different ring tones when they call you. You can set a specific ring tone for a specific caller.

Service Features
  • Different ring tones, religious recitations, Arabic and English songs, and poems are available.
  • SADA service works while you’re roaming at no extra charge.

Service Activation
You can activate SADA in one of the following:
  • Call 1616 and follow the instructions.
  • Call 902 and request service activation.
  • Send an SMS with the service code to the number 1616.
- The service costs SR 5 per month

Call 1616 to pick your favorite ring tone, then set the activation time. You can use  to upload a ring tone. You can also set a special ring tone for a specific caller or group of callers.


  1. i recommended this blog to everyone who loves gulf.....

  2. thanks... very nice information of aljawal telecom

  3. i want to active caller tone on my num that if any one call me will find that my number is off.answer me please.

  4. i wish to activate that caller tone, if any one call me will find my cell is off. how to activate it on my sawa number pls tell me.and what is this caller tone code

  5. I am not able to upload a ring tone to my account on SADAD. Could you please help me?

  6. I m activite caller tone, song name (mere allah burai se bachna hum ko-hindi song) please send code my number 0531521291 stc

  7. Hello can i knw how to activate fav tone by message pls..